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Do You Know What You LOVE?

Did you know that the answers to many of your BIG life questions lie within your response to the question: "What do I love?"

How to ease stress?
What fulfills me?
How can I make a difference?
How do I attract the _________ (job, partner, abundance, health, success) that I desire?
What are my favorite skills to use?
How can I be a better leader/parent/artist/writer?

Often the most profound guidance comes from the simple things that are right in front of us.

Right within us.

The challenge(s):

√ We often invest more time in learning what everyone else loves than what we love!

√ What we love is often so innate, so part of who we are, we often discount its significance.

√ We don't identify that what we love is designed to be instructive to our choices

What we love is meant to guide us.

√ Worst of all, we diminish the value of things we love--perhaps judging them as selfish, silly, non-productive, or impractical.

This is madness!

Imagine for a moment that you were born with all the gifts that you need for a powerfully fulfilling, meaningful and peaceful life.  You might have even explored these gifts a child/young adult.
THEN you were taught to get serious, work hard and achieve.
Our culture teaches that Productivity reigns.

And just like that, our innate gifts are minimized and pushed into the depths of who we are.

Women Leader Creatives shrivel and dry up with this model.

Harnessing a Creative's innate gifts and delights is essential for their evolved leadership and creativity to fully bloom. Essential.

Want an artist to get a project done? Send her out to do something she loves for a couple hours. She'll come back super charged and knock it out...because her immersion in the experience flips an internal creativity switch. She is then compelled to create. She can't not create.

It is not a luxury.
It is imperative.

I urge you to learn, explore and immerse in what you love. This helps you to access your personal definition of accomplishment and draw forth a sense of wholeness. (And that wholeness unlocks our ability to be of greater service as we make powerful, positive impact. Not remotely selfish!)

If you don't know what you love, start exploring.
Remember what was fun as a kid. Consider the hobbies you'd do if there was no judgement. Notice what piques your interest and gives you energy. As often as possible, use skills that are fun and come easily to you.

Start liberally sprinkling these throughout your week, your day.
Then start building your life around them.

Want to clarify what you love and how to leverage it?
Let's do a Breakthrough Session.
(Fall is the perfect time of year for introspection and reflection!)



Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg
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