Let Your Rhythm Guide You to a Life You Love
If I were to boil down a frequent root theme of what gets in the way of living a life you love, it would likely be making choices that don't align with your truest, deepest rhythm of life. You somehow find yourself swept up in the rhythm of everyone else's lives, society, the grind, being over-committed and voila, your life is shaped by happenstance rather than intention. And then as a result, it isn't necessarily a life you'd say you love.

In the process of writing my book I realized that so much of what gets in the way of our own insight and intuition is actually the same as what gets in the way of living a life we love.

One of the biggest hurdles to intuition and living a life we love is how much is constantly "coming at us" in a day, throwing us off our rhythm. Here's an excerpt from Chapter Four of my upcoming book Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time.

"Too Much Stimuli
It takes about five minutes to realize that our lifestyles are chock full of stimuli. For example, we are never short on sound. Wake up in the morning to an alarm and you likely hear traffic, the radio, the hum of a fan, heating, or cooling system, the electric buzz of the fridge, the cable box, people talking, kids running-playing-yelling, animals barking. . . you get the idea. And that doesn't take into account the other four senses! The brain is exposed to over 2,000 bits of information per second from which it must sift out what's most essential in any given moment. I need a nap after just writing about it!

It's easy to see how all this stimuli gets in the way of Clear Intuition. It distracts us from our high level of awareness that otherwise allows us to gather information and insight. No wonder we might feel overwhelmed now and then."

If you want to begin oh-so-simply, begin here. Start with noticing how outside stimulus affects your rhythm. When you hear all the morning sounds coming at you, what's the impact? When you dwell on the demands and deadlines that are pending, how does that affect your energy? When you receive multiple requests -socially or professionally, do you automatically say "Yes" and if not, under what conditions might you say "No?" 

Choose more of what is a match to your rhythm.

To find your own rhythm means being able to sort out what is natural to you, to notice how you feel when you wake up in the morning, what you yearn for, what motivates you, what you're naturally drawn towards, and even your rate of walking without the pressure to rush. Living your own rhythm means knowing, trusting and listening to the guidance of your Wise Inner Self so that the majority (if not all of) your choices are in alignment with your rhythm.

It may require unplugging a bit from the outside pressures and stimuli so you can gain some insight to what is TRUE for you. It's worth the effort!
I'll leave you with one simple step to try out. Take a few minutes to check in with yourself and your rhythm in the morning. Adjust your morning routine at home for a bit more time, quiet, ease. If that doesn't seem possible then just take a few minutes in the car before heading into your job to get present with the day and to choose a mindset that aligns with your rhythm.

Small steps. Big outcomes.

Much joy,

About Robin:

Robin Peglow Berg of http://www.soulmoxie.net/ is a Success and Fulfillment Coach--a consultant, coach and speaker devoted to guiding others to have the courage to live a fulfilling life with soul.

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful and helps them to thrive no matter what. She applies 10 years of coaching, consulting and speaking to craft strategic programs for long term success.

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