Listen To Your Body
August 2001

How Your Body Communicates
Our bodies are constantly sending us messages, information, asking for help, guiding us. Be it through cravings, aches and pains or illness, it speaks. When you have a craving, there is a reason.

If you crave desserts or “comfort food”, it could be part physical and part emotional. You may be hooked on sugar and your body calls out when insulin levels are dragging or you may really be craving love, affection, the numb/high/bliss feeling . . . something you are not getting enough of in your life that is temporarily filled by that mound of Chubby Hubby Ice Cream.

Consider this: Wouldn’t it be great to understand your cravings and skip right to what you need? It can be done.

An experiment: Take a closer look at your cravings and break them down to their simplest form and see what you learn.

A Touchy Subject
This may be fruttrating...
If you are ill, have an inexplicable lump you are ignoring, have headaches, can’t sleep, have “trouble” skin, have gas or stomach discomfort after a meal, have constipation or diarrhea, have any persistent pain, get innumerable cavities, etc., etc., your body is trying to tell you something. It is time that you listen. And you will not find the solution in a pill.

The ANSWER, the real long-term solution to fix the problem forever is to get to the root of the problem, make a commitment to addressing it and take action.

Many people feel that if they admit they are tired or stressed or ill, they are weak or “less” of a person. This is so unfortunate. Instead of paying attention to and taking care of ourselves, we continue trying to prove ourselves invincible.

Consider this: Who are you proving your “Duracell” capabilities to? On your list of priorities, where is your health?

We don’t break down or get ill overnight. It begins with a whisper, fatigue, colds, addictions, irritability, anger. If we ignore it, it speaks a little louder, have things “show up” that are more noticeable, pain, injuries, longer lasting illness, skin irregularities. If we ignore it, it starts shutting down a little bit here and there, speaking more loudly. And finally it will shout if it needs to, hitting us with a challenge we can’t possibly ignore, calling us to full attention.

Do you listen to the whisper or wait for the shout?

Fear is Crippling
I ask that you put aside your fear of what “might” happen if you address your “message” from your body. Instead imagine what it would be like to have the problem solved and to have learned what to do differently in the future. Facing your fear will empower you. The more you allow it to hold you back from taking action in your life, the more power it gains.