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Moving Toward the Light. Meanwhile, burn it!

The Winter Solstice is an incredibly powerful time- literally and metaphorically. 

It’s a time in the northern hemisphere when we receive the least daylight (and if you’re in AK, well, none!)

This year it falls on a nearly new moon, so the evening darkness will be even darker.

We are feeling it!


How can we make space to honor the Winter Solstice, our lives and ourSelves? Perhaps we're feeling the lack of light in different areas of life and we can't clearly see our way forward.


AND…the darkness is rich in growth and possibility if we’re willing to explore a bit.


What better way to explore than to have your own mini Solstice ceremony for insight, awareness, release and shift?

Mini Ceremony

When I was teaching yoga I loved a monthly ritual of guiding students to write down what they were ready to release in the coming month. I would take home their little slips of paper and have a ceremonial burning in a big metal bucket, imagining transformation as their released intentions caught flame and turned to ash. A new beginning.

Not complicated…we can simply take a few reflective moments and write down the areas in our lives, careers, bodies and energy where we sense a challenge that we’re ready to release. (i.e. “I choose to release “holding back” my truth and voice so I can live more aligned.” OR “I choose to release any trauma stored in my body after COVID stress.”   Whatever it is for you.)

As you put them in a fireplace or light them in a bucket, imagine that as they burn, you are freed from their burden. You can start again.


Doing this in sync with the Winter Solstice is super-charged and kind of fun! (And yes, you can do it over the next few days if you like…the impact will still be there!)



Welcome the new beginning and this intentional turning toward the light.

Know that we will begin to have more and more light every day from this point forward.

BELIEVE that this applies to you to…to your life, your challenges, your opportunities…CHOOSE to believe that your life is becoming infused with light.


Finally...take inventory of all the ways you’re willing to welcome light.

Initiate small steps, choose activities that nourish you, spend time with friends— stoke your inner light while reveling in more and more sunlight edging into each day.


We truly don’t have nearly enough “ceremony” in our culture, so here’s our chance to create some added meaning as we shift through darkness and move back toward the light.


If you’ve been seeking a mentor coach to offer support and guidance shifting towards more aligned decision-making and Soulful life & leadership, then please reach out for a Breakthrough Call with me where you’ll experience clarity around where you’re at, what is available/what calls to you, and the way forward.


Warmest wishes,


Robin Berg (currently this is my best email as my website email is having some challenges)


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