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What is your Autumn Rhythm?

Autumn Rhythm? What does that even mean, you might wonder.

We all have our own unique daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual rhythms.

Really? Really.

Often times we are so busy rushing from place to place, trying to get things done, we don't take time to drink water or eat, much less tune into our unique rhythm.

What do I mean by rhythm? 
In this case, I'm referring to the inner rhythms of our innate & cyclic energy and body. It includes how we function at any given time, what fuels us/drains us and what we require to create a state of flow and ease.

For example:
Spring might elicit a burst of energy and positivity.
Summer can summon more activity & socializing.
Fall often calls for us to slow and turn inward.

That said, it is slightly different for each person. Once you start to understand your own rhythms, they become invaluable tools at your disposal. (Then you know your best times to do the "right" actions for you!)

So consider for a moment:
What is different for you at this time of year?
What do you crave?
What do you need more of?
What do you need less of?
How do you wish to spend your time?
When do you feel most productive?
What kinds of projects call to you?

Simply answering a few questions like these can illuminate aspects of your Self and inner motivations, as well as opportunities to elevate and cultivate more sustainable energy.

We are not machines.
We do not operate the same way every day, every month of the year.

When we attune to our cyclic energy patterns and needs, we can access newfound energy for productivity, vitality and ease.

It is when we push, force ourselves a little further, or fall victim to outside forces dictating all our actions, that we quickly deplete ourselves and drain our reserves.

We can start with a simple first step.
Set aside 10 minutes to take a pause and ask yourself, "What do I need/what calls to me in this moment?" (Then actually do it/schedule it!)

Then expand the inquiry...
What do I need this week, this month, this season?

Start gathering your insights and tracking your recurring rhythms (for the whole year even). Once you know your patterns, you can better anticipate upcoming changes and leverage your rhythms for your highest good and most positive impact!

Curious about your seasonal rhythm and how to leverage it? Let's do a Breakthrough Session together!



Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg
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