Happy November!
I LOVE Halloween!  Not like Claire Dunphy on Modern Family (way OVER the top), but I really love it!  I love how everyone gets permission to dress up however they like, be it some fantasy character or alter ego.  I love how clever and imaginative costumes can be--where creativity and gusto meet and are revered.  I love the delight that kids experience as they have a candy adventure tour with family or friends.  Who doesn't have a Halloween memory that makes you laugh?  Last night I had a blast with my new Witch costume and enjoyed all the kiddos coming to the house.  Wheee!

Also I know many of you are across the country, or simply can't get away from work for a Soul Adventures Club event.  I want to start sharing uber affordable programs that serve you when your schedule allows. I've created my first E-course, The Powerful Present-- a 30 Day course that arrives one day at a time via email.  Check it out in an update above-- I'm so happy to share it.  (A great cross between an personal development program and a book!)

Wishing you a wonderful new beginning- November,

PS I recently enrolled in a program myself-- to write a book in 90 Days-- sooooo, by Feb 2012 you'll be seeing my first ever book!  Schwing!