When you dream big dreams, and KNOW that you have gifts that you wish to bring to light in your life, it is easy to slip into overwhelm. 

It's not about a one-day transformation, rather a gradual unfolding.  Think of a fern that grows in the forest...it doesn't go from seed to full-grown fern in a day--it is a slow development and opening.

It's easy to get overwhelmed when we're facing our big dreams.  All I can do in those moments is keep my eye on the end game and set my 30 minute timer for one small focus session at a time, chunking it into little steps that bring me closer to my dreams.  And when the timer goes off, I go take a break.

Then I sit back down again for another 30 minute focus session, without interruption.  It's quite amazing and effective at keeping me on-task and out of overwhelm.

And the breaks are essential.  I find the ones I enjoy best are sitting in the yard watching my dogs act like they are in the WWF.  Comedy.

Enjoy the ride and take one small step toward your big dream today!

Want some support in taking your first step? Click over to my Breakthrough page-- www.SoulMoxie.net/Breakthrough to take your first step.