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Overwhelmed? Break it waaaay down.

There are times when we have a massive project in front of us that is so daunting it creates stress and pressure during the day and can even keep us awake at night!

Not to mention this time of year elicits sort of love/hate for a lot of people. We're already living full lives, often bursting at the seams and then we add MORE, so much more-- special this & that, travel, purchases, traditions, surprises for littles, foods...


There are a couple paths we can take.
We can deny, procrastinate or distract ourselves, for example, with how we MUST clean and alphabetize our spice drawers NOW!!
We can bravely face it, acquaint ourselves with the project and take charge by breaking it into numerous small pieces that take no more than 10-30 minutes.

Feel free to stop here with that nugget or continue reading for a simplified "how to" approach!

Note: I highly recommend using organizing tools to mind dump all the project pieces out of your head.

Using an organizational tool doesn't mean you aren't capable of keeping track of ALL the details, rather that you choose to upgrade your work habits and free up mental space for other pursuits (and more ease).

Do a quick priorities reorg and depending on how maxed out you feel, whittle down to the most essential/time sensitive projects. (Be sure to include nourishing your soul as essential!) Let go of whatever you can for now!

Then shift your mindset.
In large part, overwhelm is a state of mind and a type of perception of what is occurring.

Start with the mindset/mantra "I can do this, one small step at a time!"

If there is some kind of deadline, consider if possible, moving it sooner (yes sooner), a few days/weeks to allow cushion for Life's Unexpected-ness to throw curve balls-especially if you have children! (Cramming is zero fun and incredibly depleting to your adrenal system, not to mention unsustainable.)

GATHER your information and break down the project steps into as many 10-30 minute bites you can think of and put them where you need them. (I have different lists for different projects-- I like to group project steps together so when it's time to work on a specific project, my next steps are ready to go.)
Also, I don't know about you, but I never seem to think of important things at convenient times so I need a system that is with me always. (If you love paper lists, consider keeping a notebook with you separated into different sections for different projects.)

Personally I love digital organizers such as Cozi, Asana, Notion, or Evernote (there are MANY more great options--find whatever works for you!)  I use Cozi for personal tasks. I am currently testing both Asana and Notion for professional use to see which is a better match for me.

For all you creatives, you might try a visual approach-- multicolored post-it notes on a wall under different categories OR write out ideas on a massive white board. Making your steps visual and tangible can create more flow for a creative.

Once you have enough 10-30 minute action items ready, start chipping away. I promise, each 10 minute segment really does feel like an accomplishment and gradual pressure release, even if it is simply making a phone call, sending an email or doing a few minutes of research.

And if you want a bonus tip, consider this...what if instead of sequentially pushing through each list item, you instead take an intuitive approach to your list and instinctively "feel" which step is the next right step based on your energy in that moment? THAT is a game changer and energy-giver! (More on that in a future newsletter!)

So cheers and much gratitude for sharing this journey with me!

Be on the lookout for a new program in the New Year -- still working out the format (Zoom or self-study) but it will empower your focus!

Finally in case you missed it, I released a new 6-minute meditation through Insight Timer.
Pause, Release, Refresh: An Overstimulation Reset

Want some dedicated support? A Breakthrough Session helps zero in on where you are, where you wish to be and what is in the way, all while exploring how Intuition is your greatest ally.



Robin Berg


Insta @robinpberg
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