Every day we each face our own challenges, whether short-term or with no end in sight.
Each day we have a choice.
We can focus on the difficulty of the challenge and its weight upon us.
Or we can reach to the light just a little further. We can reach for the better thought.
"I choose to believe."
"I got this."
or even
"I will be a trailblazer."

Some days are easier than other with Levi's EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis).
He's becoming more aware of his differences, challenges and all the BIG emotions that come with them.

I will focus on what we CAN do. I choose believe that even if there is no cure (Yet!), there are tools, resources, comfort, and community.

I choose to reach for the better thoughts (AND pour lots of belief and positive energy into them)!