Setting up Support to Thrive: The Importance of Ease

After coaching  for 10 years, I’ve found that while clients are in transition to living the life they love, support is essential.  Support takes a variety of shapes, whether specific types of people, teams, systems, environments, or activities—all help clients to thrive.  We were not meant to do it all by ourselves!  And for me, it’s got to be easy—so easy that I don’t have to think about it; that it feels somewhat effortless and makes the new way of living inviting-- nothing like willpower.

Here’s an example, I’m approaching 12 years practicing and 10 years teaching yoga, which is a little mind blowing to me—I’ve never done anything that long!  Yoga continues to transform and enrich my life.  I simply feel best after yoga.  To keep it effortless, I built it into my life by committing to teaching.  Each time I teach, I renew the transformation, making me want to practice more.  It draws me forward.

Types of Support
Here are some types of support and corresponding solutions that might benefit you:

  • If you thrive in a clean environment, set an alarm to go off daily at a set time and do a 10 minute quick clean up OR hire someone to help clean a couple times a month
  • If you get energized from interacting with people, join a monthly (or weekly) group that networks over lunch, or sign up for a class (art, acting, Spanish), or start a Mastermind group over the phone around a particular topic.
  • If music helps you focus, create a playlist/CD for the car or your desk

What best supports you?  Explore what type of support might propel you to thrive and establish up a few “systems” so that your support is built in to your life.  Choosing to succeed on your terms is a whole new way of living.

Would like to identify your best methods of support to create a greater sense of ease while stepping into the life you love?  Let me help!  I’ve made all the mistakes so let me save you the trouble—make it easy on yourself.