As I move my former newsletters over, there are always great reminders here for me too...I'm not always in a great habit with my meal "tempo" of late.  Enjoy!

Slow Down to Success
July 2001
So Much to Do, So Little Time
Always running from place to place, we are constantly on the go. We are in such a hurry that we are often only thinking about what is next, rather than living now.

Consider what it would be like do less with more quality.

Walk Slower
Instead of rushing to work, set your alarm to wake earlier and leave the house ten minutes earlier than usual. Take your time.
Walk more slowly to the bus or if you live close enough, walk to work.
Look around, breathe.
Try it for 2 days in a row. How does it feel?

Also, try walking with your back straight and shoulders above your hips and knees, rather than leaning forward. Your whole body moves as a unit instead of your head and chest being first in a room. It allows not only for better posture, but to communicate to your body it is okay to relax, there is no rush. In addition, if you concentrate on walking rather than all the other “stuff”, you will be less likely to trip, fall, or be “accident-prone”.

Consider this: What are we rushing for anyway? What happens, really, if we slow down?

Eat Slower
Our culture dictates big, fast meals, business luncheons, eating in front of the computer. Our energy and nutrition pay the price. Do yourself a favor and quit working while you eat! Eating is one of the few pleasures and natural breaks that you get during the day. You deserve it and ultimately you will get more done if you allow yourself time to eat and relax.

Tip: If you have trouble taking time for lunch, try bringing an alarm clock to work and setting it for the same time every day . . . (and be sure not to schedule any meetings). This is your lunch reminder. One snooze only.

Chew More
A large part of digestion and nutrient absorption happens in the mouth. Chew more, absorb more. Chew less, eat fast and you can eat everything under the sun and never get what you need.

Despite all the enzymes and chemicals in your stomach, it was not meant to digest large chunks of food! That is why we have teeth. Teeth are designed for breaking food down to the smallest possible state. When large pieces end up in your gut, it takes a lot more energy to break it down. This robs you of available resources, leaving you leaning over your computer clutching anything with caffeine.

Consider this: How much can we really accomplish in a day? Why are you pushing so hard?

Tip: Try “under-scheduling” yourself for one day; actually leave space open in your schedule ON PURPOSE. Consider the time as booked and say “no” to potential engagements or meetings unless they are urgent.
Have a great day and take YOUR time!