There is something incredible about new beginnings. It can be a time that is a delightful mix of fear and excitement.
And it can be a time of renewed energy, feeling of inspiration, willingness to experiment/try something new, a willingness to breathe life into a vision.

Though we are just into a natural new beginning of 2020, the year might not have started the way you'd have liked and you might be riding a rollercoaster of ups and downs.
Remember, you can start fresh any time you choose.

Every morning upon opening your eyes, you can choose to begin again.
New beginnings are offered daily, just choose to believe it is possible and refocus. (That's really what change is anyway- a shift in focus and choices.)

Perhaps you can insert a new practice into your morning that is designed to help you refocus and see fresh opportunities. It could be as simple as a question or two: "What focus do I choose today that aligns with my new path?" (Consider linking the new practice to another habit that you already do consistently, like brushing teeth or getting dressed.) 

Little by little, as you continue to make fresh choices every day that help you refocus on where you wish to go, you will start to see the rollercoaster of highs and lows smooth out. You will have fewer days of effort and more days of flow.

When we adopt the mindset of starting fresh every day, change somehow seems easier than trying to look at the entire journey ahead and feel you've already failed. There will be setbacks. It's normal. 

Start fresh. Repeat. 

Happy journey,