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The Joy Factor- Part one 02/04

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, September 16, 2010, In : Mind, Body, Spirit 

How much joy is too much? When does one have enough joy? Is there some kind of measure that tells us if we are getting what we need, laughing enough, smiling enough for the right chemical balance or the right personal fulfillment?

I am not one for extensive statistics so I can only speak from my experience, personal study and clients. What I notice is that many of us could use some more JOY in our lives. When I am happy and my life is full of joy, I feel optimistic, more energized and above ...

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Merge 2 Tools for a Powerful Shift!

Posted by Robin Berg on Wednesday, August 4, 2010, In : Strategies 
August Soul Moxie Insight-- Video Ezine

Looking for a strategy to get big results?  Combine 2 Power Tools!

Click below to watch and be sure to turn up your speakers!  (If viewing from Facebook, be sure to visit my BLOG to watch the video!

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How to Create and Maintain Professional Momentum
Upgrade Your Personal and Professional Environments to Effortlessly Pull You Forward
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About Robin:


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Falling Out of Overwhelm: Part One- Sept 2002

Posted by Robin Berg on Monday, April 26, 2010, In : Balance 

Falling Out of Overwhelm: Part One

There are innumerable times in our lives when things feel, well, too much.  Too much to do, too much to think about, organize, coordinate, etc. and suddenly we find, we've fallen into overwhelm.

Here are a few simple steps to allow yourself to fall back out of overwhelm again...

Stop the Madness
Before you can do anything, you must grab hold of the wheel and put the brakes on. It may feel like everything is in “have to” mode, but it is up to you to pause you...

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