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Posted by Robin Berg on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, In : Aligned decision-making 

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How to make the best...

Posted by Robin Berg on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, In : Mindset 

How wise can an 8 year old be?
Pretty wise.
Although I'm not an incredibly competitive person with others, I do get inspired to rise to a challenge.

Yesterday morning Levi woke up tired and cranky and really annoyed, thinking about how he had to run the track in gym class for 30 minutes on Mondays.


When he came home from school, he sheepishly shared that he had run 2 miles during gym and then dropped this wisdom on me....this quote I will use forevermore.

What Levi leaned i...
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Upcoming Events- Aug/ Sept 2011

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, August 25, 2011, In : Updates/ News 
Save the dates for adventure, connection and leadership! 
deadline Sat 8/27, 11:59pm     Back to School "Sale"  - A mini-coaching Re-Fresh program for you.  Just a couple more days to grab this special 1:1 program to re-center!
Friday 9/2 11:30am                Soul Adventures Club:Exploration in Painting
Thursday 9/15 2pm                Soul Adventures Club:Fall Soul-stice at Wash Park
Wed Sept 28th 12-1pm          Start of 90 Day Teleseminar Series, Soulful Leadership for Women: Six Step...
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Balancing Your Mood: Part Two

Posted by Robin Berg on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, In : Wellness 

Balancing Your Mood: Part 2, Exercise
December 2001

Beta-Endorphin and You
Aside from the visible benefits of exercise (toned muscles, weight loss), there are chemical benefits too. Beta-endorphin. You might be wondering what is Beta-endorphin? In non-scientific terms it is a naturally occurring chemical that is released and makes us feel good. Ever hear of the “runner’s high”? Beta-endorphin. “When your beta-endorphin is low, you feel depressed, impulsive . . . you may be touchy and tea...

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