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Your Most Important Committment...You-- Dec 2002 Part 2

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, May 27, 2010, In : Balance 

Your Most Important Commitment…You
December 2002--Part 2

8 tips to help you love YOUR life

  1. Review your top 5 priorities and put YOU on the list.
  2. As a continuation or Part 1's recommendation to "marry yourself"--write and say “new vows” to yourself…how you will love, honor and respect yourself forever…(or your own version!)
  3. When you can “see” a problem and are about to offer help, pause, breathe, remember your new vows and remain quiet. Consider the alternatives to you ...

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Your Most Important Commitment...You-- Dec 2002- Part 1

Posted by Robin Berg on Thursday, May 13, 2010, In : Balance 

Your Most Important Commitment…You
December 2002- Part one

Everyone Else First!
Funny isn’t it that we are so willing to put other people or our career first, saving very little for ourselves? You might be driven…by your career, family or community obligations. Does everyone know you’re a hard worker, always there to help out, kind, giving, devoted? If a job needs doing, you’re the one! You may even feel you have “no time” for yourself, that you are sooo busy, you occasionally do...

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