The Greatest Gift: What you can give yourself and others for a Powerful Holiday season

Happy belated  Halloween!  It seems that Halloween, for many, acts as the official holiday season kickoff, thus causing varying emotions and reactions--from stress, to excitement, to melancholy.  With all our emotions, combined with all the emotions everyone else has, there is often palpable tension in the air.  How fun is that? Not.

This sets us up for feeling disconnected from our true selves, our innate sense of peace and our natural "rhythm" that best serves us.

Busy-ness is epidemic and as such, more and more stress-related illnesses and challenges are arising-whether heart issues, diabetes, insomnia or difficulty focusing.  Let's face it; this is a bold and complex time we live in.  Despite the demands that we face, (which are often out of our control), one thing remains...our ability to be purposeful in response, choice, and actions.  In the end, with such uncertainty ever-present, we can only control ourselves.

Presence to Grow Mutual Respect
There was a wonderful client I worked with who is a high power business woman and a mom.  She shared her frustration about her two year old son's "acting out" and not feeling connected to him in the way she'd like.  When we discussed how they spent time together, we realized that her attention was always split between her son and something else-email, text, calls, housework...

So she took on the challenge of spending at least 10 uninterrupted minutes of single-focused time with her son.  And voila, he stopped acting out (to get her attention), and they began to forge a wonderful connection of mutual love and respect.  (Even the youngest of children are incredibly aware of our being Present or not and will often demand our attention and respect.)  Such wonderful messengers they are!

A Worthwhile Devotion
Give yourself a gift this holiday season.  Decide to be intentional about your actions and practice being Present-being in the here and now with yourself, and whomever or whatever you are focused on.

After years of multi-tasking, it may take some practice to be more Present, to single focus, to sit down and look a loved one or co-worker in the eye, or to really delight in the unfolding of an unexpected moment.

Begin with this moment-feel your feet on the floor, the breath moving in and out of your lungs.  Be here for just a moment despite what everyone else is doing, saying, feeling or expressing.  Enjoy your experience and interpretation of this moment.

The more you can return to the Present amidst the potential "chaos" of the holiday season, the more connected you can remain to yourself, important relationships and the true spirit of this time of year.

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