A little while back I invited you to make a list of at least 20 things that bring you joy.  If you haven't done it yet, take a few minutes and try it now!

A Deeper Look…
A way to enhance this exercise is to go back over your list and determine what it is about that item that makes you so happy. (i.e. My yoga brings me joy because I feel energized, relaxed and it often makes a difference in people’s lives. Watching sunrises and  sunsets makes me feel spiritual, as if witnessing a miracle everyday.) Perhaps in doing this you will find some themes. You might find it relates to time with others, time alone, natural environments, making a difference, physical activity, spirituality.

The purpose of finding these themes is two-fold. First, once you’ve found some patterns, you can expand into new territories seeking other experiences that relate to your theme. If you tend to enjoy things that use creativity, why not try a writing, cooking or art class, or start your own Mastermind group to for weekly brainstorming around a shared subject of interest.

The second purpose is to better understand what motivates you in your life. You might find that a frequently postponed and elusive goal does not relate in any way to the “themes” that bring you joy. No wonder! In reverse you may use this as a way of choosing new goals or activities—if it doesn’t relate in some way to bringing you joy, either change the focus of the goal or pick a new one. For example, if you wish to eliminate debt to feel more secure, but you don’t get “joy” from security, try a different slant. If you get joy from travel, make that the reason you wish to get out of debt- choose your destination you will visit upon eliminating debt and saving the money for the trip!

Merging With Joy
Now that you better understand what brings you joy, it is time to bring them into practice. Begin by adding at least 2 joy-bringers to your day. Although thinking about it is somewhat helpful, to get the full effect you must actually do it! It must become part of your daily life!

So get out there and get into your JOY!