How much joy is too much? When does one have enough joy? Is there some kind of measure that tells us if we are getting what we need, laughing enough, smiling enough for the right chemical balance or the right personal fulfillment?

I am not one for extensive statistics so I can only speak from my experience, personal study and clients. What I notice is that many of us could use some more JOY in our lives. When I am happy and my life is full of joy, I feel optimistic, more energized and above all, healthier.

“Perhaps the most exciting medical research on laughter is in the field of “psycho-neuro-immunology” which looks at the effect of the mind on the brain and on the immune system. This research shows that…laughter, joy and happiness have been found to help boost the immune system. The repeated research experiments of Dr Lee Berk at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, CA, shows that laughter, happiness and joy “inspire” the immune system to create white ‘T’ cells, commonly called ‘happy cells’, which help to prevent infection.” (excerpt from )

Beyond the mere fact that joy feels good, you now have a medical reason to bring it forward in your life!

20 Things That Bring Me Joy…
When you think about times you have been happiest, what memories come to mind? What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? For what reason did it make you happy?

I am not the first to think of “the list” but wish to share it with you and expand it a little bit.

Take out a notebook, journal, or paper and take a moment to list everything you can think of that brings you joy. It could be things that prompt little smiles, “warmth” in your heart, or giant belly laughs. Some of mine are: sharing a smile with a stranger, teaching yoga and noticing the benefits to myself and others, watching my dogs run around and play together, observing children play, watching colors paint the sky at sunrise and sunset, dancing till I’m drenched, reading a little “Wisdom Card” in the morning, playing with puppies.

It can be anything, so long as it brings you joy!

Stop now.
Start your list- aim for 20 and build from there.

Enjoy the process of exploring your joy!

more soon....

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