Woo hoo! Celebrating all the "Urban Goddesses" from this weekend's retreat!  Thanks for sharing your lives and insights with each other.  It was fabulous.

Here's what a few participant's said:

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful afternoon - I found it to be so refreshing and empowering

 - and I keep coming back to it daily. 

nora n.  ~designer~

"I'm walking away remembering how important

fun, meaningful things and doing what I love are.   

The only difference between an anxious and enjoyable 'meanwhile,' is attitude and intention."

jennifer s. ~yoga instructor~

"I feel like I know what to do when I walk out the door to improve my life."

katie k. ~vice president~  

"Thanks so much for a great retreat...it really did help me to get into a more positive framework and re-focus!"

shelley l. ~market research moderator~

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