Ok transparency- there are a couple shows I love to watch on CW. I find all things superhero and magic really fun and a great source of imagination and entertainment! Also honestly, I appreciate how CW finds a way to weave in relevant social issues into their storylines. It's kind of inspiring.


That said, I heard something truly profound on Charmed (yes Charmed), that I listened to four times- a conversation between two characters that went something like:


Jordan, as he spoke about a dream job: “and then I’m finding myself saying and doing things that don’t feel like me. Ambition is scary monster.”


Maggie: “I guess we just have to figure out a way to get what we want without compromising who we are.”


Jordan: “First we have to figure out what we actually want.”



And so, I can’t help but ask, 

What DO you want?
What do YOU want?


These can be hard questions to answer, especially if you’ve been in roles of service or been raised to be of service to others.


Girls and women are particularly trained around this mindset. To be kind, generous, allow others to take a turn first, to help those in need, to be supportive. And often, especially for any moms, to put the needs of others/your child first.


You may think:

“So wait…you want me to be able to answer the question, “What do I want?

But I haven’t been raised listening to that channel.

I’ve been on the “How can I help YOU?” channel.”


It can feel a bit overwhelming to ask yourself, “Do I even know what I want?”

And yet it is crucial we learn how to explore that question. It truly is the key to cultivating joy, confidence, and a sense of peace and flow in life.


You can NOT experience true alignment and fulfillment until you know what you want, who you are, what is most important to you. 

(What would you align with without knowing what’s important to you?)


AND the good news is, you don’t need to know it all now. 

You need not answer it all at once.

Imagine the slow unfolding of a flower, breaking free from the earth, rising towards the sun. Ever so slowly it evolves fully into the beauty it was meant to be.

I believe that all endeavors, no matter how immense they may feel, can be sorted out into many small steps.


A first step towards knowing what you want could be to simply start a running list (paper or digital) of all the things you LOVE and enjoy….everything from flavors, fragrances, sights, and sounds, to activities, hobbies, types of tasks, times of day.


Just start noticing and gathering all that YOU love.


If you could choose anything to wear, eat, or drink and could do anything you wanted (for fun or pay), what would those things be?


Have fun with it. Don’t quit your job or stop helping the people you care about.🧡

Just start noticing what you love.

Then consider making a bit more time in your life for more of what you love, if only 10 minutes a day.


Sprinkle more of what you love throughout your life.

And little by little, you’ll start to clarify the things you love most, what you can’t live without and still be you, and what is essential for you to thrive.


Then answering the question “What do I want?” will become incrementally easier.


Enjoy the journey!



Want some support around clarifying what you want? 

I’d love to hear from you.