Soulful Leader Lounge is a one-of-a-kind, collaborative leadership development gathering for Women Leaders.

It offers women support that is:
√ Objective
√ Compelling (maybe downright inspiring!)
√ Safe (limited group size, sacred space) 
√ Encouraging
√ Self-affirming (unveil gifts)
√ Mindful & accounts for your Self
√ Practical tool-based, yet intuitive

Never has there been a time in history where women have held so many leadership roles in the world (~often wildly under-supported)!

And never have we more needed community, collaboration, and transformational strategies to thrive amidst the challenges of modern life.

I've noticed that most women leaders:
√ Do not have ample support
√ Yearn for collaboration
√ Benefit from reflection: on their mindset, daily priorities, personal rhythms and definition of "success" (to thrive and avoid burnout.)
√ Seek a deeper sense of purpose beyond $$

You might ask yourself...
"Am I a women leader?"
Can you √ one or more below (or have similar role)?
∆ I am a "leader from within" - I'm devoted to intentional action and living a fully expressed & meaningful life--leading by example.
∆ I am a biz owner, solo/entrepreneur
∆ I am a "creative"- writer, artist, actress, musician, director, designer
∆ I hold an active volunteer role 
∆ I advocate for a meaningful cause
∆ I am a primary care-giver for another
∆ I am in HR or hold a V, C or D level role? (Vice, Chief, Director, Manager...)
Yes you are!

If any of this resonates with you and you seek connection, powerful conversation and a new style of leadership, please join me next Wed 8/24 11AM MST.

Please pass this on to your friend who just came to mind!
~Ladies, let's uplift one another~