I've had some questions about my business lately and decided to start sharing a few snippets in case you're curious what this whole Soul Moxie thing is all about.  Essentially I show driven women entrepreneurs and leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful, and helps them thrive no matter what.  I show them how to live and lead with Soul.

Here are a few different ways it can look in "real life..." 

  • One: Perhaps you're a biz owner or director of a program, and have been in that role for years. You're really good at what you do. However, you don't love it and are teetering on burnout.
  • Two: You are doing incredibly well in most areas of your life except for a couple. You know that by fine-tuning those areas (i.e. balance, spiritual growth, organization), you would experience a whole new level of success and fulfillment.
  • Three: You are very successful in your career and are now ready to set and achieve a big stretch goal- i.e. launch a new initiative, create a non-profit, write a book, create a women's collaborative-- and you know that when you have a mentor for clarity, structure and support, you are unstoppable.

  • My programs help you rediscover yourself, your gifts, passions and what's most important to you, so that you can powerfully design how to spend your time and energy.  You learn what your personal "best practices" are, so that whether in times of challenge or success, you are clear how to experience fulfillment.
    Sometimes with a couple small shifts, you discover that YOU and your life are amazing and bursting with potential.