What's Your Impact On Others?
Do You leave people better or worse than you found them?

It occurs to me that on any given day we have the opportunity to make an impact on others, from moment to moment.  Whether at the grocery store, the bank, with clients, family and friends, we create an experience with every exchange we make.  Do your exchanges leave people better afterward?

When I first moved to Denver I worked at Whole Foods Market in Cherry Creek for a couple years.  One Thanksgiving season I decided to work some shifts bagging groceries.  It amazed me how grumpy people were...whether from the crowds, being over scheduled, busy parking lot, I don't know-they were just so frowny!  My goal became to make each customer in my line laugh.  I've got a sort of dorky sense of humor but I was fairly successful and it was really fun.  We both experienced a positive moment and a snapshot of connection-which to me felt more like the holidays than all the decorations on Clayton Lane.

So the question is, what's your impact on others?

Do you tend towards optimism, noticing what's great about life, making people feel heard, understood and special (without being cheesy or fake)?  Or are you critical of life, yourself, others, and the world, tending to notice what's wrong most of the time?  Or further, is the exchange all about you?  A little gesture of taking an interest in others goes a long way.

It's Contagious
Did you ever see that car commercial where a passerby witnesses a kind deed, and then in-turn does something nice for someone else and so on?  The whole commercial is a string of inspired acts of kindness and is pretty cool.  Positively impacting others is like that too.  It's contagious.  When you have a positive exchange with your bank teller, do you think it matters?  Definitely! 

I know we all have our days, however, if we could simply take pause and remember that we are forever creating positive or negative ripple effects all around us.

Set Your Mind to It
Decide in advance to manage your exchanges.  Get conscious with how you express yourself and interact with others.  Ask yourself, "Am I making the kind of impact that I desire?"  If not, and your moods seem to be running off without your permission- it's time for some "impact rehab."

Start small.  Begin by choosing a specific person that you wish to interact with in a new, more positive way.  Set the intention that during your exchange to leave them better than you found them.  (Even constructive feedback can still be motivating and empowering so I'm not saying to be a Sugar Fairy.)  It is about delivery, connection and seeking opportunities to make positive difference.

And when you think really big, you never know when your positive exchange might even save a life.  It happens.

About Robin:

Robin Peglow Berg of http://www.SoulMoxie.net is a Life Fulfillment Strategist --a consultant, coach and speaker devoted to guiding others to have the courage to live a fulfilling life with soul.

She shows highly driven, successful women entrepreneurs and biz leaders how to create a new model for success that is energizing, deeply meaningful and helps them to thrive no matter what. She applies 10 years of coaching, consulting and speaking to craft strategic programs for long term success.