Willing to Be Me

There is a great quote by Sabrina Ward Harrison, “If you’re not yourself, who will be?”  It really resonates with me.  I realize that there’s a really strong likelihood that who I am and who you are, are individualized, unique creations, designed for a special life, if we are willing to go for it.  It’s become clear to me that to be myself, I actually must have courage, I must be willing to risk being seen, willing to do some things that fall outside of the “norm” and that sing of uniqueness.

Anybody can be like everybody.  Only you can be you.

All those interests I have, all the experiences that have molded and shaped me to be just the way that I am, with all my quirks, flaws, history, gifts…no one else can be all that aside from me.

So I encourage all of us women, powerful, fun, silly, quirky, creative, brilliant, insightful, innovative, alternative-thinking, change-makers, to stand up.  Stand up courageously and with great pride, knowing that who you are is on purpose and designed for specific reasons.  To discover those reasons, get your Sass on and be the 100% authentic you.  Treasures will unfold.  Promise.

What’s a special gift or quirk that contributes to making you YOU?