Hey ladies, wish you were part of a collaborative, supportive group of women leaders to share ideas and tools?

I'm launching a group for Women Leaders to connect and collaborate on Insight Timer -Meditation App!

If you haven't checked out the Insight Timer yet, it is amazing!!

Insight Timer provides a global platform for connection and offers thousands of hours of meditation music, talks, guided meditations, Playlists, as well as live events. Perfect for beginner on up.

ALSO it offers Groups where you can connect with other like-minded people who share similar interests/passions.

I'm passionate about women's leadership, specifically Soulful Leadership (and no, it's not religious. Spiritual-ish? Maybe a little but not overly.)

I'm launching a new Soulful Leadership group for women leaders (and emerging women leaders) to introduce a new style of leadership (that doesn't deplete you and actually amplifies your impact, intuition and overall energy.)

I'll be sharing ideas, tools, meditations, music and Live events via the app where we can interact, connect with other women leaders who are on a journey not only to lead, but lead in a way that aligns with WHO they truly are.  

It's also a great space to get support and connection - especially when you're mostly flying solo as you lead (entrepreneur, artist, director, parent, CFO...).

Feel free to check out some of my recent posts to get a feel for the "flavor" of what topics we might explore.

I hope you'll join in! (invite a friend)

√ Start by downloading and creating a free account (any paid memberships are optional).

√ In the Insight Timer app search 🔎 for "Soul Moxie- Soulful Leadership for Women" to join (or try this URL https://tinyurl.com/SL-ITgroup)

*the mobile app is best-- the online portal has less functionality.

See you soon!