Your Ideal Career — Doing Your Best Work
February 2002

Loving Your Work
An essential part of living a “whole” life and being “healthy” is your career. Being that once you begin a career you spend anywhere from 24 to 60+ hours a week (we’ll talk about number of hours later!), your career is a vital piece in the Big Picture of your life.

Imagine sleeping comfortably in your bed and waking to the alarm thinking, “Time to go to work”. Are you motivated, depressed, excited? (Of course there are days in any job that are challenging, but is it daily dread?)

Un-limiting Yourself
What if thousands of education dollars and several years later, you realize you are unhappy in your job.

There is hope!
You are a multi-faceted, multi-talented human being with more potential than you can imagine. The key is — IMAGINE. Un-limit yourself in your thinking of what you can do, what you can become. Release the “shoulds” and the “coulds”. Let go of expectations — yours, others,
society. The more in-line you are with your true self, purpose and talents, the more liberated and fulfilled you will likely feel.

Releasing Fear and Going for It
Each of us brings something unique to the world. Imagine your favorite activity/skill that you enjoy (or used to enjoy but no longer have time for). Imagine you could get paid to do that work. Would you do it?

You may feel then that you have “wasted” all this time, money, etc., however, your current skills can definitely be applied to your ideal career. Perhaps it is a melding of your current career and a new career or incorporating and emphasizing different skills in the field you already work.

Also- sometimes when we bring
the rest of our lives into balance, everything feels better, including the career you're already in!

Random Note:
Many of us are actually afraid of success more than failure.

Success may happen slowly but when combined with hard work and passion it is a sure thing!

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