Your Most Important Commitment…You
December 2002- Part one

Everyone Else First!
Funny isn’t it that we are so willing to put other people or our career first, saving very little for ourselves? You might be driven…by your career, family or community obligations. Does everyone know you’re a hard worker, always there to help out, kind, giving, devoted? If a job needs doing, you’re the one! You may even feel you have “no time” for yourself, that you are sooo busy, you occasionally don’t have time to eat, or sleep, or sit down.
Familiar? Feel stuck?
The Road to Freedom
Honor yourself. What do I mean? Take a moment and list your top 5 priorities in your life. Are you on the list? If not, why? You may need to get ON the list or move higher up the list! You do matter and this is the time to enjoy your life — while you are living!
No one is likely to approach you and say, “You know, I really wish you would stop waiting on me hand and foot and take some time for yourself.” or “Hey, I noticed that although you are on salary, you work 13 hours a day. Why don’t you start working 8 or 9 hours instead? We’ll still pay you the same.”
It begins with you. You must reclaim yourself. Your time, your space, your value. If you do not show your body you value it, eventually it gives up a little; it gets sick, tired, or breaks down. This may feel like your body betraying you, but it is simply a cry for help.
Self-Talk Sabotage
Are you your biggest critic? When you look in the mirror what do you think? When you make a mistake, or forget something important, how do you react? Experiment and notice your thoughts about yourself, your strengths and “weaknesses” for a day or two. Notice your expectations of yourself and what you “should” be able to do in a day. Does it honor you? You are human right?
Marry Yourself
Imagine that you love yourself as much as a spouse, significant other, a child, your job.  Ha-ha, but really!  Why are you willing to commit more to others than to yourself? It’s time to take new vows--a sacred agreement with yourself, to love and respect yourself as much as you do others. I promise there is room for you, but it may take a little clearing.

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