Your Most Important Commitment…You
December 2002--Part 2

8 tips to help you love YOUR life

  1. Review your top 5 priorities and put YOU on the list.
  2. As a continuation or Part 1's recommendation to "marry yourself"--write and say “new vows” to yourself…how you will love, honor and respect yourself forever…(or your own version!)
  3. When you can “see” a problem and are about to offer help, pause, breathe, remember your new vows and remain quiet. Consider the alternatives to you solving it or taking it on and see what solutions emerge. Just because we always do “it” one way, does not mean it is the best way or only way.
  4. If you are asked to help, pause, breathe, consider your priorities, and practice problem solving. A mere 5 minutes of brainstorming could inspire a different, creative solution.
  5. Practice declining offers or requests by saying you have a commitment to honor. Make dates on your calendar with yourself so you can honestly say you have a prior commitment. Yes, you are worth it! Consider too, that when you say no, it often provides an opportunity for another person to succeed.
  6. Create sacred time and space. If you do not already have a space in your home that is relaxing, nurturing, inspiring to you, then create one. It can be a corner or a chair and need not be fancy. Schedule time regularly to be in your sacred space, and do whatever feels most supportive to you… read, drink tea, listen to music, get creative. (No “tuning out” to TV — time to tune in to you!)
  7. Feed yourself nutritious, lively food. Junk in, junk out. Vibrant in, vibrant out. You are worth the time and extra effort.
  8. Choose. Realize that everything you do is a choice. Ultimately, (aside from paying taxes and following laws, etc.) there are very few musts or have to’s… you can choose. Begin choosing yourself.
  • These 8 steps can be a powerful beginning.
    Committing to yourself can feel harder than any relationship thus far. It requires getting personal and won’t let you hide behind others or your job. It does not, however, make you selfish. Surprisingly, you might find you have more energy, more time, and are more effective helping others if you “fill up your cup first”. Why do you think airlines tell you to “fasten your oxygen mask first before assisting others”?
    We are most helpful to others when we first take care of ourselves.
    How will you honor yourself today?

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