Your True Self: Finding Your Path
October 2002

Do You? . . .
Ever catch yourself saying what you think another person wants to hear rather than what you believe? Ever wear particular clothing because you feel you “should” and it is what others might expect, despite that it is not really “you?” Do you have a “secret” aspect of yourself that you don’t express for fear of being judged, rejected, criticized or unloved?

Only You Suffer
You may feel you are protecting yourself or others by being “this person” whom you believe you must be. You imagine that if you share your true opinion, wear those cowboy boots you love or expose that you are secretly a die-hard Trekkie fan, that people will dump you. Ultimately, you are the one who suffers . . . resisting expressing yourself, or worse, feeling incomplete, misunderstood, frustrated or confused.

Your True Path
Imagine your life is a choices of paths. The further you follow the “Should Path”, the further you get from your True Path, your True Self, which creates more challenge and greater risk of regret.  It also requires a larger “leap” and dramatic change further down the road to return to your True Self.

You’re Perfect
Do you realize that you are perfect the way you are? That you were created with gifts and ideas for a reason — to express them? If we all were our true selves, how happy might we be?  Especially since we'd then attract people who already love us for who we are!  Less effort. Greater rewards.

Inspired Living
How do you get to your True Self? Begin within. Get clear on the areas of disconnect and start with small steps.  Share your true opinion when asked, dress with your own flair, practice being honest in every way, practice saying no to the things you don't want, be willing to be seen.  Though scary, at the end of your lifetime, you will know that you've been the best version of youself-- the authentic one. Dare to be you!

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