Corporate/Executive Coaching

Have you upgraded your Leadership approach?

We are on the verge of essential upgrades in how leadership is done across the globe.

Never was there a time when we need these shifts more than we do now.

As the world still rebalances from a global pandemic, everyone's internal "Platform" is also still in recovery. (~how we care for ourselves, our ability to recover from setbacks, patience, energy management, mental health, response to high demands, resilience...)

We can SEE it is true. We are all living it.

We as leaders cannot lead in the traditional way (authoritarian, push really hard, over-scheduled and stretched personal boundaries...).

It's not sustainable. (And attrition/rehiring is costly in time and dollars.)

It's time to adapt.

Just as there was a time in history when women were not seen as capable of professional roles, it is time again for an upgrade in leadership methodologies.

It's time for an upgrade that accounts for YOU (as a human), as well as leverages all the extraordinary skill sets women bring to leadership.

Demands faced by today's Leaders and businesses are real. With increasing volume.

Leaders and Employees:

❉ Want more flexibility (hours, work locations, respite)

❉ Have shifted their values-- centering choices around what is meaningful to them

❉ Are often unwilling to work unless it fulfills them and is enjoyable in some way

❉ Seek more freedom, health, collaboration, connection

Modern business cultures and leadership styles are being called to upgrade.

Soulful Leadership offers that upgrade

My approach to Corporate/Executive Coaching is still focused on excellence within your role.

I still support you to achieve your aspirations professionally and within your teams, while at the same time, honoring YOU-- since you are not a machine (even though many women leaders act like they are indestructible in effort to blend in!)

**I've discovered that women leaders can only be as successful as their Platform allows.

If your Platform is incomplete or unstable, it feels unattainable to fully achieve what you desire (without significant personal sustainability losses or challenges).

Soulful Leadership integrates your Platform with upgraded leadership modalities as well as addressing the expected demands of your role.

The Truth Is...

...although we can all benefit from additional business tools and strategies, they are best paired with deeper tools that focus on your own personal operating systems.

Maybe you'd like tools and insights to explore effective communication strategies, develop efficient systems, cultivate an invested team, launch a new product or build relationships with shareholders. Ok, we can do that as part of our coaching together.

AND, in my 23 years of supporting driven women like you, transformational leadership growth (your personal platform) is what's TRULY required to experience a long, healthy, fulfilling and successful career.

If it resonates in your core that to achieve wholly you must lead from a solid Platform and explore a modern leadership model, then Soulful Leadership offers you immeasurable support and strategies.

If you or your HR representative wish to explore options please contact me.