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Mon., Aug. 28, 2023, 7-8pm MT (Zoom)

Making Powerful Choices: The Art of Aligned Decision-Making

Decision-making is one of our most challenging tasks. We’re either overwhelmed by options, or we just want to get it over with – forgetting that collectively, all our choices ultimately craft our lives.

Join me Robin Berg for a unique approach that mixes rational thought with trusting your gut.

The result? Powerful, intentional decision-making that aligns with who you are and the life you wish to lead.

Plus, learn how to decide quicker, and break down big decisions into small-sized choices.

More details and registration linksoon.

Two Saturdays- Nov 11 & 18th 1-3pm MT (Zoom)

Cultivate Courage to Explore What You’ve Always Wanted 

At some point in time, whether as a child, a young adult or through some powerful life experience, a seedling of an inspiring idea or dream is often born.

It lights you up and you daydream about the possibilities and what it might be like to pursue it.

And then, before you know it, life sweeps you up in all its demands and years pass, leaving you still wondering about that seedling.

Should you let it go? Or is there still a viable option? This course is for you if you’re wondering about an inspired idea in the back of your mind that you never fully explored.

Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, to have, to see or to experience but you never had the courage, time or resources. You may be wondering if you still even want it after all this time.

Join me for an intentional and reflective program to consider various parts of your long-held idea or dream.

Gain insights, increased clarity, tools for courage, and potential next steps—whichever way they may lead you.

~Sometimes the clarity in and of itself is invaluable. Just know that this course creates a safe space to explore possibilities through tools, exercises, discussion and reflection.~

Details and register coming soon :)


Join me as I present at the Bluebird Leaders Nov 1-3 conference for women in Healthcare and Information Technology (though all are welcome!)


Bluebird Leaders Presents | #SOAR2023

S.O.A.R. Without Boundaries

Join the thoughtfully crafted event for women and equity allies in Healthcare and Information Technology as we explore cutting-edge technology, advances in healthcare, and strategies to #LiftAsWeRise.

  • November 1 - 3, 2023
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Nearby Phoenix

Early Bird registration through 4/30!

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