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APRIL 8th & 15th -two day (4 hours total)

Inspired Beginnings: Claiming Your Next Phase of Life with Purpose and Passion. Tools to be the Leader of Your Life

In life, we’re offered many crossroads where our choices impact our satisfaction, contributions and life experiences. Here are three key questions to consider when you’re at a crossroad:

What if your next choices are both well thought out and inspiring?

What if you can weave in purpose and passion into your everyday life?

And what if you feel a sense of calm confidence while navigating new or lifelong opportunities?

Here’s a course that’s focused on getting you to be able to answer those questions with yeses. A course that gives you clarity and inspiration for your next steps, whether you’re creating new habits, looking to retire or to simply find where you might invest your time and energy.

Join me as I share strategic insights, questions and tools via this interactive program that offers compelling perspectives and self-reflection for getting to the truth of what you wish to choose next and how to begin.

  • Discover tools to get clear on what you actually want vs. pleasing others.

  • Learn the key to unveiling hidden gifts for true contentment. Explore “what I love” as a fulcrum for life.

  • And uncover the essential skills, mindset and tools you need to bring your choice to life.

Come with life’s big questions and leave with life-changing answers and action steps.


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