Intuitive Style Exercises

Below you'll find a variety of exercises that partner with the book:

Discover Your Intuitive Style: Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is discussed in Chapter One of the book.  Here you'll find two recordings:

Part One is the "how to" instructions-- to write a quality question and set yourself up for a positive experience.

Part Two is a guided visualization that takes you through an automatic writing exercise.


Part One

Here’s the first recording for the automatic writing exercise.  It provides instructions to create a quality question that you’ll use in your automatic writing exercise.  Once you’ve got the hang of how to frame your questions, you can skip this recording and just use the second recording, which is simply a guided visualization for relaxation and automatic writing.

Below is the link to stream the audio for Part One.  Feel free to download to your computer if you wish to listen to it at a later time as well.

Part Two

Part two is a nine minute guided visualization to walk you through an automatic writing exercise.

Be sure to be in a quiet, relaxing space where you will be uninterrupted for at least 10 minutes.

Note: If you have difficulty on any particular question, and not insight comes, consider that you are simply meant to pause.  Sometimes it is not yet time to make a decision.  Trust that when nothing comes you are meant to focus on a different question and be patient.

Eventually you will be able to do the automatic writing exercise without the recording simply by closing your eyes and imagining the setting on your own.

Be patient with yourself and this practice- it can take a few times to get the hang of it and to relax enough to get the creative flow going.

Be willing to start small and slowly expand your writing.  You will likely notice it gets easier and more spontaneous over time.

Below is the link to stream the audio for Part Two.  Feel free to also download the MP3 and listen to it from your computer or MP3 player whenever you like.

How To Move Through Fear

This exercise corresponds to the Fear section of Chapter Two’s “What Get’s In The Way.”

It is a simple yet powerful tool to help you move through fear by allowing yourself to feel it fully and clear it. It might take a few times to get the hang of it, and may feel a bit more intense at the start.

(Conversely, if you tend to stuff emotions, you may have fewer emotions at the start until you get in to the practice of feeling again.)

However, either way, I promise that with practice, it will get easier. Trust yourself, trust that your emotions are safe and important to clear a path for your intuition.

The practice of moving through fear provides an opportunity to better understand your fear, get clear on what is actually true, and take positive forward action.



Give yourself at least 10 minutes and ideally 20-30 minutes for this exercise to allow for the fullest experience. You may wish to pause partway through to allow yourself some additional time.

(I know 30 minutes of quiet time may be difficult for those of you with busy schedules, whether you're a parent or executive. However, I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this is to unblocking your intuition.)

Select a comfortable, quiet and relaxing space where you’ll be undisturbed.

You may wish to have an extra blanket nearby and possibly a couple tissues. Often when you move through fear, the energy shift can prompt emotions, including tears. Remember it is simply energy and it is essential to clear that energy for your clearest intuition. 

Below are the links to either stream or download the How to Move Through Fear audio recording (14 minutes in length). 

Congratulations for taking a powerful step toward claiming your Intuitive Style!

Note: if you choose to download above recording, click "Download" and then scroll down to the blue text that says "Download MP3" about half way down the page. (I am currently switching my audio hosting company so there may be some other ads and's just how it is!) :)