Intuition in life and leadership

Leading a soul-driven life and being a soul-driven leader require a different path than tradition would suggest. Hands down the biggest tool for following a new (soulful) path is intuition- learning to attune to your own inner wisdom and inner guidance system.

I've supported leaders who struggled to make a tough decision until they attuned to their intuition and immediately, confidently, knew their answer.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Ignoring Intuition looks like:

  • Despite fatigue, you push for "just a couple more hours" until you're totally depleted.
  • You miss great opportunities that in the moment seem “irrational,” yet in hindsight were brilliant.

  • You make choices that cause you to feel out of sorts, irritable and frustrated (because you’re not on your Path.)

  • You find yourself snacking and watching TV to distract yourself from an intuitive nudge that you keep hoping will go away. (It won’t.)

  • You waste invaluable time trying to “figure things out” rather than trusting your intuition (which tends to arrive in 10 seconds or less.)

  • You have a nudge to say "no" and instead you say "yes" and later find yourself in a major, stressful (and avoidable) life detour.

  • Hiring someone based on credentials, resume and a decent interview while ignoring your gut feeling that they are wrong for the position. (And having that proven disastrously true in 60 days.)

Trusting Intuition looks like:

  • You get a nudge to say "yes" to an opportunity and you do. It results in an easy, fulfilling outcome.

  • You listen deeply to your body and what it is needs. You rarely get sick and generally have a reserve of energy.

  • A seemingly random idea pops into your head to call a friend. You do. They really needed to hear from you in that moment.

  • You know yourself so well that you are willing to trust yourself fully while making decisions. And every time you do, you gain confidence in your SELF. 

  • You have a tough decision to make. You gather the rational and the intuitive insights and land on a decision (sometimes instantly) with a sense of calm.

  • You feel a pull towards an activity, place or idea you've always loved. You decide to explore it and opportunities begin to present themselves for you to have more of what you love in your life.

  • Hiring using all your tools- not just what looks good on paper, but also using your instincts about WHO a candidate is (what isn't on a resume- their energy, passion, presence, trustworthiness--things you somehow just "know".)

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