Soulful Leadership March Madness- for Women Leaders/Creatives

Want a quick and focused boost of support around a single topic?

 For a short time only, I’m offering a variety of one-off sessions for targeted areas of focus.

Try one or two (different topics) during my special version of Soulful Leader March Madness.

Each “Sesh” is ~50 minutes conducted via phone. $98

Sounding Board/Brainstorm Sesh

Need to doing some brainstorming find that  you do your best thinking when collaborating and bouncing ideas around with someone? Want to insert some inspiration for an idea or challenge and to get things flowing?

Through inquiry, reflection, new ideas and framework, you’ll walk away with increased overall clarity and specific next steps!


Have a BIG (or small) project that you really want to complete and it feels daunting or like too many moving parts (Or you feel stuck)?

Let’s RESET! 

We’ll take a look at the big picture, explore all the components, break it down, and layout your approach to create sustained motivation. (With a little motivation secret!)


A quick glimpse into what your “Soul” wants you to know right now. I’ll do a pre-call “download” (reading)of Intuitive insights, then share and explore them with you. Time permitting we’ll touch in on what your own Intuitive Style might be.


A quick inventory of your distinctive Energy Formula and some framework for how to best support predictable and sustainable energy, specific to YOU.

We’ll identify your ideal windows for productivity, rest or creativity. Also I’ll introduce small potential shifts to maximize the quality of energy you most enjoy.


Something else? Let's explore your topic related to Women Leaders, Women Creatives, Emerging Leaders, Soulful Leadership, Cultivating Support, Nourishing the True Self, Productivity...other?  

Pitch it to me and we’ll collaborate our way to solutions and practical tools you can use immediately.

**All sessions must be purchased by March 19th and redeemed by May 17th, 2023.**