Are you yearning to feel confident in the midst of world chaos? 

Would you like to make better decisions that are in alignment with YOU?

Are you ready to come “home” to your true Self?

Join my “Mini” Private Coaching Intuition Program

Let’s be honest, this year has been a wild ride for all of us and there are countless uncertainties and unknowns that still remain. This can shake us to the core in many ways. We can feel like we’ve lost track of ourselves, what we want in life and we start to question ourselves and our choices. 

Or worse, we can start making decisions from fear and uncertainty rather than the deep knowing within ourselves.

It’s time to reclaim OUR own lives and reconnect with our True Selves, so that we can navigate our own decisions based on what’s in alignment with “Self” and soul.

With 21 years of professional coaching under my belt, I’ve been creating simple, yet powerful tools to support your return to confidence in the midst of “world crazy.”

This four-session Private Coaching Intuition Mini-Program is geared to help you understand and re/connect with your specific Intuitive Style™ so you can better navigate (and rise above) the unique and destabilizing challenges of current life, and confidently make choices towards the future you want.

Goals of Intuition Mini-Program:

  • Learn the distinction between intuition, fear, emotions, confusion, etc., so you can trust yourself.
  • To understand and begin to leverage your unique Intuitive Style™ to benefit your life & purpose.
  • Learn how to use your intuition to make better decisions that are in alignment with YOU.
  • Activate tools to reclaim confidence in the midst of life’s uncertainties.
  • Gain a sense of “coming home” to yourself.

Intuition Mini-Program Includes

  • Four one-hour private phone coaching sessions specific to discovering your personal Intuitive Style™. (Each person has their own unique and consistent way of experiencing intuition. When you learn your way and see it appear consistently, you can then trust it consistently.)
  • Intuitive assessment to gain insight into your Intuitive Style™ and where to start
  • Simple at home practices to start to notice and track your nudges
  • Everyday tools to make decisions that support your deeper purpose

Important Questions:

What’s the investment? (payment options available-contact me directly)

This mini-program is typically $950 but you can receive a credit of 30%/$285 (or I will donate the 30%to the charity of your choice) if you start your program by the end of March 2021. Lots of ways to make a difference.

The mini-program is designed to help you kickstart your Intuitive Style™ practice. 

(Note: For those who are a good mutual match, and wish for a longer engagement/continuation after completing the mini-program, I have up to three spots available in my private practice.)

When would my mini-course start? 

You can start your mini-program anytime, based on what works best for you/us. Sessions are weekly or every two weeks, schedules dependent.

At this time I have limited spots due to life in “COVID times” (aka remote learning with an 8 year-old!), so if you’re interested, grab a spot. 

How to do I secure my spot?

Click below to purchase your Mini-coaching program spot.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon and supporting your journey back to confidence, best decision-making practices, and an inner sense of “home”.

All the best,


4 Session Intuitive Style Mini-Course $665

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