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Discover Your Intuitive Style:

Simple Steps to Make a Right Decision Every Time

~Paperbacks in print now!

E-book on Amazon

Discover Your Intuitive Style bridges the gap between intuition and everyday life.  With stories and practical examples, Discover Your Intuitive Style offers a powerful launching point for self-discovery, and shares how intuition impacts every aspect of life.  Indispensible for entrepreneurs, leaders, parents or anyone who wishes to make better decisions. 

Discover Your Intuitive Style includes:

  • Why it always pays to listen to your gut
  • How to increase ease and efficiency in life and work using intuition
  • The distinctions between intuition, fear, and wishful thinking
  • Common blocks that get in the way of consistent, reliable results 
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"Robin has a way of communicating in such a clear and straightforward tone that it feels like I'm having a conversation with her in person when I'm reading her book! Discover Your Intuitive Style is a very useful tool that has helped me develop and hone in on my intuition. I have flagged several sections of the book that I keep rereading again and again."

Sarah M, Consultant


"Discover Your Intuitive Style helped me understand just how real and invaluable intuition is (I thought it was just a cool “bonus” to life.)  I can now see that by using my intuition I can gain energy, clarity and remove limiting habits (without doing more.)  I feel liberated!" 

Karin Witzig Rozell, Owner and Founder of The Wellness Professional Network


"Robin's new book is an invaluable and practical tool for life and business. Looking back, I now see how integral my "gut feelings" have been to achieving my goals thus far. Thanks to Robin's clear explanation of how to use Intuition for success in life and work, I now see how I can use it even more to my advantage."
John Reed, CEO Arhaus Furniture


Printing of the paperback books has begun! Order yours and get it delivered right to your home or work.

Order a copy for yourself or a friend!

$12.95  plus shipping!

Delivered via Media Mail (arrives to your door in ~7-14 days)

Choose # of paperback copies to order-delivered Media Mail

E-book (jpeg) and

30-Day Spiral Journal (your copy sent by mail)

Power On Purpose Guide: A daily guide for living in your power

Comes with an 18 page detailed ebook with instructions, tips, self care strategies, and nutrition information.

Special clearance sale- from my former company Signs of Life Health--very limited quantities.  I will mail it to you!


"I write down my goals or as I like to say, my manifestations, and 90% of the time the things I write down come known or happen!  I like to call it ‘my journey to my most fulfilled life journal.’   Overall for me, the journal keeps me grounded during the day and gives me reminders of what I need to do on that day and allows me to visualize what my goals are!” 

Michele S. 

Price $20  $14

plus $2.38 shipping



The Powerful Present 


Tired of feeling SO busy, and interested in getting more Present in your every day? (In sync with when it's convenient for YOU!)

Here's a simple 30-day e-course that offers support and tools for increasing your ability to be Present and focused in your life-- to deepen relationships, enhance business success, and experience a greater sense of peace and power!

You'll receive a different email in the AM, daily, for 30 days. 

Each email includes an Insight/ Tip to help you explore all the different ways you can be Present.  You'll also receive a suggested Action that you can try out that day to strengthen your ability to be Present.

A perfect way to gently raise awareness without having to re-arrange your schedule or make a grand investment.


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(~recorded from live Teleclasses--include participants and "laser coaching" on recording) 

 Audio Program- MP3 file

Your Year In Review

Focused Reflection for a Conscious, Fulfilling Future 

This program is designed to:

  • Provide a method to take mindful pause for purposeful reflection that impacts your future
  • Uncover key priorities and focal points for fulfillment
  • Learn strategies to identify and clear obstacles to your success and happiness
  • Develop a structure for quarterly reflective "tune-ups"

One 60 minute recorded teleseminar and key point outline.

Program delivered via email.

 Intro Price $27.99

 Audio Program- MP3 file

How to Harness the Power of Your Mindset:

Break Through Mental Barriers to Your Next Level of Success

Potential Outcomes:

  • Learn tools to consciously shift your perception of experiences
  • How to take positive action despite fear
  • Make dynamic decisions from your Future Success Mind vs. your Fear Mind
  • Outsmart obstacles and overwhelm, so you can thrive
  • Catapult your career by using Soulful Focus tools
  • See how your levels of happiness & success have a direct correlation to your view of the world


  Intro Price $27.99


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"Wow, that was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Literally! Thanks for being such an inspiration and a constant reminder of what's most important... "

tanya w.


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