Soul Moxie Program Possibilities

Clients who most enjoy Soul Moxie programs thrive on a collaborative, reflective approach. I use  intuitive listening to discover deeper truths and ask questions that compel reflective and fresh thinking. We explore new actions to experiment with that resonate with you. 

What you can gain a Soul Moxie program:

  • Identify your personal Intuitive Style (how you gather information), and learn to make your best choices that nourish, uplift and move you toward your desired Future Self
  • Learn a structured and flexible system to put Soul at the hub of your life (which leads to greater  peace, purpose, confidence and flow)
  • Get to the root of obstacles and make new choices
  • Create an inspiring vision, break it into small steps that are easy to say yes to
  • Take action. Consistently.
  • Support (You're usually the support giver, right? You get to receive!)
    • you have a place to "show up", be seen, heard and celebrated
    • receive consistent connection via email, text, social media posts for inspiration
  • Unveil and transform (otherwise hidden) gifts, talents, quirks, and passions into strengths, confidence and purpose
  • Resources on a wide variety of Soul related tools such as:
    • meditation (sitting, walking, cooking, biking...)
    • basic quantum physics and principles to manifest/attract desired outcomes
    • inspirational materials to uplift and maintain motivation
    • books, exercises and practices to cultivate intuition for everyday use
    • Essential oils and blends to support peace, energy, focus, health...

Does this resonate with you? 

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