Working with Robin created strong yet supportive boundaries for me to quiet all the noise and distractions in my life, distill the essentials, and trust myself to craft a new way of living and leading that honors what’s most important to me.

When we first started working together I just had an overall feeling of distraction in my life. There was a LOT of competing input which related to everything—work projects or personal projects— lots of noise in life making it really hard to focus.

With the support of Robin’s firm but gentle approach and clear boundaries, I was able to begin stripping away the noise and illuminate what’s most important to me and gain tools for a total re-wiring of where I focus my attention!

As I learned to zero in on what was most important to me, I was able to separate myself from what wasn’t actually important to me. I learned to stop listening to all the outside influences to dictate my path. I began to trust myself, to focus on the input that matters most…input that was largely internal. I now listen to and follow my intuition when making decisions which changed everything.

When I combined this focus and trust in myself with learning and choosing self-care (just for ME vs. training for a marathon), lead to a breakthrough: shockingly it had a calming effect on my life.

Now as I (excitedly) face a huge life shift, I feel ready to fully and intentionally create the next phase of my life, career and leadership that makes space for ME!

Steph Johnson, General Manager-Bear Tooth Theatre Pub, *Anchorage, AK

Through doing Soulful Leadership coaching with Robin, I have come to really know and trust myself. I feel calm, empowered, and like life is simpler; I believe in myself, and my new mantra is “let it be easy.”

In the past, I was unaware of my body’s rhythms and was not honoring even my basic needs (sleep, rest, nutrition). I was a side character in my own life--waffling in indecision, constantly drained, ignoring my intuition, getting stuck in procrastination, and putting everyone else’s thoughts, feelings, and needs first. And, as a highly sensitive person (HSP), every environment I found myself in had the potential to feel heavy and overwhelming.

Unlike with therapy, working with Robin delves into the practical aspects of life: mindset tools, brainstorming solutions for daily challenges, energy management systems, and cultivating intuition. This work has helped me own my stuff--my self care, my obstacles, and my energy--while being able to claim and make decisions from my intuition (instead of crowdsourcing opinions). It has helped me become the main character—to recognize and prioritize my values and my needs, and to structure my day in a way that balances my energy. I now feel like an active creator in my life. And, it’s a huge relief to finally see my energy sensitivity as a superpower and manage it, knowing which people/environments are best for me, and how to support others in a way that isn’t draining. This has helped me stop worrying so much about whether I’m a “good” or “bad” leader/partner/friend. With clarity on my strengths and values, I am able to be myself and communicate more clearly and confidently.

Finally, unexpectedly, how I see myself has changed.

I can now see that if I’m taking care of and fostering my Self, then other people will benefit from it. I see that I am light, and feel a newfound desire to share that with others. And perhaps the biggest shift of all is understanding now that “purpose,” for me, is simply “being.”


Jordan Bird, Creative Entrepreneur  

I now have greater clarity and the confidence to follow my own instincts.

Robin has a gift for asking just the right questions to help me see things in a different way. After my work with Robin I had greater clarity and confidence to confirm the direction I want to go.

rita h, entrepreneur and inventor * denver, colorado

Past Corporate Clients include:

APMP * Apollo Financial *  Bear Tooth Theatrepub & Cafe/Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria *  Coors *  Centura Health * CBeyond *  Denver University * ECC * Institute for Integrative Nutrition * Local Insight Media * OMNI * YNPN

TV Media: 

Appearances on Denver Fox 31 News

2011 Interview with Tara Becker of Elle Group CCTV54 (click link)


Published in:

Institute for Integrative Nutrition The Future of Nutrition -book

Ski Patrol Magazine-article Nutrition on the Slopes

Robin helped me start living the life I want NOW, instead of just thinking about it.

I’m guessing that “Thank You” is the best starting point. What you do is remarkable and very unique to your person!

You honestly helped me sort out and remove my own personal obstacles which prohibited me from moving forward and living the life that I only saw from a distance. Since I’ve worked with you, I’ve noticed significant changes in who I am, how I approach life, how I can actually achieve things that I want in my life, how things are not out of my reach and, more importantly, that I’m no longer viewing the life I want, I am living it! The possibilities are endless! 

Knowing this and knowing how to achieve what I want out of life, creates the most invigorating and inspiring feeling!

I think that one of the most important things to know, is that trusting myself and having faith in myself and my abilities is paramount. Also, the gift of intuition is a powerful thing. It should be tuned into and listened to.

amye b, marketing coordinator * dallas, texas

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Robin, you helped me be more productive, energized and less stressed in my career, creating more time for what I love personally!

I'm so excited to tell you how our conversations have helped me in the last few weeks. I’ve really felt more alive than I have in months. And I believe that has everything to do with our discussions, your encouragement and how both have helped me to fuel this new focus on what’s important to me. Thank you for that. And now, for a couple highlights:

Last week we interviewed 72 students in back-to-back interviews over two and a half days and the following week had to read through 250 applications – a major time of orchestration for us. In the past I’ve had bouts of insomnia before, during and after, but this year I made a point to meditate every evening and I slept wonderfully! This was a huge success for me, all brought about from this shift in perspective.

As a result, I was less depleted by both of these “big” weeks at work, which let me pick up my fulfilling, enriching hobbies again immediately (as opposed to being comatose for a good 48 hours before re-joining the land of the living). So hooray for great steps toward balance!

I also had insight to how my creativity gets inspired—one of the best things to do is allow my mind to be at peace. The strategies we created allow me to be in a receptive frame of mind and then I happen to come across one line or idea, that sparks a rush of curiosity or excitement. How liberating!


Finally, I’ve also been having lots of fun with the journal you sent me. Thank you again. It’s such a nice, free, playful format that it’s been really fun to open up to. I went through many of the pages and have continued to think about them even when I’m away from the journal. I love the idea of collecting images that are meaningful to me. In fact, it spurred me to get into further action.

So THANK YOU. Already I am seeing the positive physical, mental and emotional affects of being more true to myself. And I’m simultaneously more productive! Work has been going great and I completed a new short story that my critique group will be giving me feedback on tonight. Funny how moving the focus away from results has succeeded in producing more of them.

katy c, director, scholarship program- non-profit foundation * denver, colorado


I got to the Root of what Motivates me and how to be happy NOW!

My view of a good day is different. The hamster wheel was getting me nowhere. Now, I'm conscious of the things I'm doing, and the goal is to enjoy what I'm doing while I'm doing it. I used to work like crazy on something, hoping that some "future" outcome will bring happiness later. The time to be happy is right now, and if there's also a positive future in it, even better. 

Now, I'm more conscious about what I'm doing, I'm slowing things down, and I'm trying not to waste my energy getting caught up in drama - and I'm actually accomplishing more.

I thought the coaching would help me figure out my professional goals and direction, but it actually gave me insight into every other part of my life as well. Through written exercises and coaching sessions, Robin helped me get down to the root of what motivates me - why I do what I do - and to critically consider if that's "working" to bring me what I want in life (happiness, peace, whatever). It pushed me to really take a new look at myself, and because I acted on what I learned about myself (which hasn't necessarily been easy), I can honestly say that I'm much happier with my life as a direct result of my work with Robin. Plus, we resolved my original question about career options - but that became minor in comparison to the other, more life-changing outcomes that happened.

nancy s., engineer *denver co

Robin taught me a new way of thinking that helped me validate my intuition and create big-time trust in my work as an artisan!

Dear Robin,

PINCH ME! What you did for me here, was nothing short of breakthrough and remarkable!

Thank you, thank you.

You are truly gifted at what you do Robin. I don't know how you do it-- it feels magical to me. I think what I appreciate most about you, is your spark! and how you model what you ask of your clients in everyday constantly ask the hard questions, you listen to your own voice even when it's difficult (and have the confidence to be vulnerable about it out loud)... it's so obvious with a first conversation, that you are committed to living your fullest life, now. This has been a quiet and wonderful source of inspiration for me from the first moment I met you.

You have a rare finger on the pulse of something hugely important, and that is this: you know how to help people to find, recognize, nourish their gifts, potential, desires-- and inspire them to it in the here & now--one moment at a time. You do it with professionalism, compassion, grace and spark.

Brushing up against you means irrevocably being colored by your vibrant spirit and by association, any client lucky enough to work with you, cannot help but shift into something deeper, fuller and more meaningful for themselves. 

I'm in awe of your gifts as a coach. 

I learned so much:

  • I don't have to delve deep into the past to make significant changes in my everyday life now, today
  • I've discovered that growing doesn't have to be painful (it can be playful, uplifting and deeply enriching in spite of the baggage), and that it can be done in steps. Therapy has taught me that any growth work, is not necessarily a painful and long-haul thing (which can be daunting, and feel like you're never getting anywhere). In fact, this is how I've felt for a long time, until I had my first coaching session with you. 
  • You always surprise me in how you somehow manage to distill the essence of our sessions into something manageable to work on. You seem to 'get' exactly what I'm trying to work on, way before I do...Magic?
  • I have now learned by being exposed to you, that tapping into non-linear ways of thinking, being, feelings are hugely valid, and so much more my style as an artisan (I now trust it more, as a direct result of our sessions). There isn't much room out there for artisan ways, and so this is huge for me.

Wow! There is such power in focusing on the here and now.

astrid k, graphic designer * denver, colorado

Robin helped me quickly elucidate my vision for my life!

My work with Robin was a powerful experience.  I was amazed at how much ground we covered in a short amount of time.  I attribute this to Robin's insightful, provocative questions that helped me quickly elucidate my vision for my life and the obstacles that have kept me from realizing it.  Plus, it was fun!

kim w, marine scientist & education program manager * hawaii