I'm Ready to Infuse my Life with some Adventure!

Yes Robin, I'm ready to join in on the Soul Adventure Club events!

I realize that today I can either:

RSVP for the upcoming event at no charge


become a full-fledged member.

When I become a member, I understand that my $22 monthly membership will give me access to a once a month pre-planned activity designed to rejuvenate my Soul.   (I know that on occasion there may be additional admission fees for activities such as the Botanic Gardens, movies, or meals.)

I realize that you'll plan the events and I get to show up and enjoy them!

Monthly, I’ll be billed for my membership /subscription until I choose to drop out of the club.

I look forward to getting started!

In summary, when I join the Soul Adventures Club, I have access to:

  • One fun, interactive Soul Adventure per month (without ME having to plan it!)
  • Specific strategies for soulful success & fulfillment
  • 1:1 email coaching from Robin while I am a member
  • A community of like-minded, conscious individuals—--for connection, shared wisdom and collaboration
  • Bi-weekly audio recordings via email designed to help me stay connected to my soul
  • Re-invigorating my life and Soul—woo hoo!
  • Bringing a (different) friend each time as a complimentary guest (a great way to open up new conversations in your life!)

NOTE: recently I've added the option of attending stand-alone events as a Drop-In registrant.  Please know that the Drop-In option does not come with all the added benefits of membership listed above. When you want to Drop-In, simply RSVP for the event, select Drop-In and pay with registration.



Want to try one out before becoming a member?  Reserve your space today

(1st event is FREE)!

Click here to RSVP



Ready to be a member? 

Subscribe for for just $22 a month below!

Upcoming Soul Adventures

Friday May 18th 11am-2pm at the

Wildlife Animal Sanctuary, in Keenesburg CO

Details and RSVP here: http://tinyurl.com/WildAnimalSanctuary


Adventures will continue to be available Year-round-- we'll have some expecially juicy ones for those gloomy winter days!


And not to worry, for outdoor adventures, I will have great rainy day backup plans!




Are you one of my current Private Clients?  If so, your membership is $11 monthly!  Click the link below for your special rate.