If you can't stand the thought of sitting in front of your computer all summer, feeling under-inspired by your same daily grind and working like mad to "take care of it all", I've got something for you! 
~Soul Adventures Club~  

I remember as a kid how I loved the freedom of summer.  I loved the sense of timelessness and how I felt like it was all about play and doing what I wanted. Hours were spent in the contemplation of make-believe and my imagination was fed big portions of stimuli.
I don't know about you, but there are days when I've had about enough of being within the same walls, staring at a computer, relying on technology for my moment to moment actions, sitting down for long stretches of time. Lately my Body's been shouting out for movement, breath, activity; my Soul is calling for nature, community, fun and big adventure; my Mind is yearning for more stillness, space and less "figuring out", fewer "to-do" lists.

What if your Life caused you

to feel a sense of Freedom?

What I've realized after a decade of coaching, is that when we're stressed, scrunched up at a "desk box," and pushing to be productive, we become famished (and cranky) beasts, starving for room to breathe and to feed our Souls. For without the ability to just “be,” there truly is no creativity, problem-solving, organizing our thoughts. There is only a dried up version of us...not the vivacious, sparkly, happy-to-be-alive, innovative and wise version that we know we can be.

So I got to thinking....if me and my clients are at our best while nourishing our Souls, everyone else probably is too!

That’s why I’m sharing my big a-ha with you.  I’m inviting you to join me in an adventure club of sorts, designed to restore, rejuvenate and stimulate your soul.

Innumerable clients claim that their most favorite “Self” appears on vacation—when there’s no place to be, there's a sense of openness, time, and leisure, while meeting new people, doing new things in new places.

Well I'm inviting you to join my Soul Adventures Club- a strategy to re-claim your favorite version of your Self- once a month. Think of it as a way to insert a pinch of vacation into the everyday instead of waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time to rejuvenate and enjoy life.

Here's how it works.  Once a month, I'll be hosting a fun adventure for you to join in on with a fantastic community of people like you.


We’ll do things like:

  • Take a lovely morning hike in the foothills to reconnect to nature's calming energy in your life
  • Visit the Botanic Gardens for the glory of blossoms to rejuvenate your soul with beauty (this is where I go to get my best insights!)
  • Enjoy a simple prep and tasty outcome of a natural foods cooking class to nourish you on a level that a fast food meal at your desk can’t touch.
  • Participate in a creative writing exercise to free your mind and experience a sense of peace from “busy brain.”
  • Check out a 1st Friday Art Walk to stimulate the way you see the world in the company of cool people.
  • Sip tea while discussing a riveting book excerpt and have those compelling conversations about things that matter (that most people don’t talk about), with people who enjoy who you already are, naturally.
  • Expand your heart and soul through yoga in a park and step into a fresh willingness to open yourself to new possibilities.

No experience, nor a high fitness level required.

(On occasion, there may be an admission fee for our adventure, i.e. Botanic Gardens: $9-$12.50.)


You’re invited to join me! 


(Our next event is April 3rd-- a Book Launch Happy Hour at Gaia Bistro--a free event except for beverages!)


I don't know about you, but when I imagine doing all those activities, it makes me feel really alive

And you know what?  This is the time for life…right now…in this moment.  I’m so ready to design a fabulous life comprised of:
• Meaningful, enjoyable work that gives me a new experience of success and leadership
• Conscious, interesting, courageous and fun people
• Time spent doing things that fascinate, inspire and nourish me
• Deeply knowing peace, freedom and my own wisdom

If this sounds like the kind of life you also want for yourself, I’d love for you to join the Club.


To sum it up, here's what comes with your Soul Adventures Club monthly membership:
• Your very first event is my GIFT-- no charge!
• One fun, interactive Soul Adventure per month (without YOU having to plan it!)
• Strategies and insights for success and fulfillment based on my 10+ years of coaching experience
• 1:1 email coaching from me while you are a member (if you choose)
• Access to a progressive community of like-minded, conscious individuals—--for connection, shared wisdom and collaboration
• Opportunity to rebalance your mind and body, nourish your Soul, and infuse your life with fresh excitement
• A complimentary guest pass for a different friend each Adventure (deepen connections and support)
• Bi-weekly audio tip emailed to your inbox for staying connected to your soul

It’s my vision to bring together just the right people for this fun collaborative.  I hope you're one of them!


Questions I Know You Want to Ask Me...
"How can I afford to take time away for this and still get my work done?"
Now, like you, I’m highly productive.  I love to get things done, be responsible and achieve excellence.  However, I’ve done the thing where I was SO productive that I accidentally defined who I was through work.  I also accidentally burned out.  That did not make me happy (or very successful either).  What I’ve discovered is that I do better, smarter, faster, soulful work when I’m also honoring who I truly am.  The way I see it, is I can’t afford not to take time for my life if I want to be successful and happy.

THIS is the part of the equation that’s missing for so may of us Grown-ups.  We’ve lost contact with the part of ourselves that values space, time, play, adventure.  We forget that it’s actually essential to the success and fulfillment equation.


"I’m SO busy!  How can I fit this in?"
There is a grave misunderstanding that happens—people think that unless they are in front of their computers being busy, sending emails, having meetings, that they are not doing valuable work.  This is simply not true!  That is ONE way, (a narrow and incomplete way) of looking at productivity.  On the contrary, I get way more done because of this lifestyle.  It’s kind of like when you’re super focused trying to wrap things up before going on vacation. Planning your schedule around Soul Adventures Club will not only give you something to look forward to, it actually makes you more efficient and stay focused!


"My job has me on a lot of problem-solving deadlines. How is “feeding my soul” supposed to get my work done?" 
Great question!  Have you ever noticed that while trying to problem-solve, the more you push to get it figured out, not only the more drained you feel but the less insightful the solution?  It happens to me all the time…THE Solution to a problem appears effortlessly (and in record time), while I’m in a relaxed state-- on a walk, meditating, doing yoga, or wandering at the Botanic Gardens.  It is SO simple it’s almost criminal.


"Won’t this just be one more thing to put in my schedule?  I’m already tired."
When I take time to for everyday adventures, I get re-energized.  Over time, it leaves me with a reserve of energy to draw from whenever I need it.  It’s a sure-fire Anti-burnout recipe (and trust me, burnout is a huge waste of time!)

**Note: we're not used to the idea of a reserve of energy, meaning you have energy to spare, leftover energy.  It is possible.


"Who’s invited?"
• If
this resonates with you, and you're someone who deep down yearns for more (connection, peace, adventure, happiness, fulfillment), I’d love to you have you join in.

Conscious women, men, teens, CEO’s, CFO’s, Moms, Dads, all ages, shapes and sizes with a deep desire to design a life you can reflect upon with pride and joy.


"What other benefits are included in the Soul Adventures Club?"

During our Soul Adventures, I’ll share strategies and insights as they apply to our success and fulfillment- personally and professionally.  The Soul Adventures Club also gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas around, utilize coaching/ feedback and collaborate.  Imagine a close-knit community that you can grow to trust and count on—for support, insight, fun and celebration of who you are.

Also as part of your Soul Adventures Club Membership, feel free to utilize unlimited email coaching for your ongoing expansion and fulfillment!  I’m here!



Become a member.

Other stuff to know:
• I’ll set up the dates, times, locations and activities.  It’s easy.  Once you join, you simply show up.
• Most events will happen on the 2nd or 3rd Friday of every month.
• This is an ongoing club, kind of like a gym membership, only WAY better, and with joy instead of suffering.
• For the Soul Adventures Club it is a $22 monthly membership.
• You can quit whenever you choose, but with the kind of experiences we’re gonna have…why would ya? Just sayin’….
• Come as often as you like/ can
• Bring a (different) friend each time as a complimentary guest if you like (your first visit is free too...)
• Events will vary in length and type – come for some/ all of the time
• Remember, a very cool thing is that you’ll meet people, who like you, resonate with this way of life.  Where else would you meet them??


Note: Drop-In only sessions only allow you to come solo to any event for $33. (Though you won't receive the added benefits of membership you can come whichever months you choose.)

So if this sings to you the way it sings to me, makes you feel a buzz of excitement when you think of adventure or it gives you a sense of calm YES in your belly, like you know exactly what I’m talking about and your Soul says, “pleeease?”, then I suggest you join me and begin living a life that you’re excited about, that invigorates you, that makes you feel alive!

Aren’t new beginnings exciting?

Revitalize your life (and career and Soul)! 

Join Soul Adventures Club…today.

Want more info?  Come check out an event or email me with questions.