Soul Coaching

A call to conscious, intuitive living and leadership

The world is evolving and with it, the way we lead must evolve as well. We can't just pass out a list of tasks and tell people to do their jobs. (I suppose we could, but it certainly isn't fulfilling for anyone and it creates stagnancy.)

To evolve towards our true selves, we must learn soulful life and leadership tools.

When we live and lead from the Soul, we are aligning our thoughts, actions and how we interact with others with who we truly are. It is energy-giving rather than depleting. This is because our choices feel right. They don't drain us. We are authentic in our relationships and self-expression, which is also energy-giving. (Stuffing who you are actually requires an immense amount of energy.)

Here's some of what you can learn and do through Soul Coaching:

  • Clarify who you are personally and professionally and identify your primary leadership message. The happiest people and best leaders know themselves completely!
  • Discover the power of authenticity, letting your Self be seen while holding clear and professional boundaries
  • Engage stabilizing energy management systems to minimize drains, increase energy-giving practices and navigate a variety environments minus exhaustion
  • Experience how self care mastery unveils "best self" leadership, clarity, productivity and impact
  • Practice decision-making tools that combine rational thought with intuition for quick decisions you can trust
  • Learn to consciously transition smoothly between tasks as well as from work to home (without needing to rely on alcohol, carbs, sugar, TV and numbing out)
  • Reveal and leverage the essential interplay between creativity/problem solving with spaciousness/adventure. (Hint: it creates faster and more inspired solutions.)
  • Anticipate personal, professional and team "rhythms" and adapt accordingly (i.e. seasonal, daily, learning vs. productivity times, business high times, female/male cycles.)
  • Understand and establish systems that offer "structural support" that keep things running so you can relax into it and focus on leadership.

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