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Sample programs

(custom available):

Soulful Leadership: How Women Creatives Lead Differently

Explore the remarkable distinctions in how women creatives lead and why their unique gifts are essential to this world, especially at this moment in history.

Key Learnings:

  • Leading from a place of your deep purpose to reinvigorate your work
  • Accessing Intuition for aligned decision-making for reliable, right-for-you decisions
  • Attuning to and leveraging your innate energy and natural rhythms for productive ease
  • The role of non-negotiable spaciousness and Self-nourishment for Creative Leaders to thrive.

Understand and claim your one-of-a-kind approach to Leadership and Creativity that honors who you are and amplifies your impact.

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Innate Insight- Accessing Your Greatest (Underutilized) Tool in Life and Business

Turn the occasional “I have a feeling” into consistently trusting your instincts and decisions. Experience more positive outcomes (in all realms) through cultivating your innate guidance system, intuition.

Key Learnings:

  • Own calm confidence by linking with your individual style of intuition
  • Welcome the trustworthy guidance of daily instructive signals, even in uncertain times
  • Maximize positive outcomes and efficiency by recognizing nudges (the first time)

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Energy Mastery Tools for Soulful Leaders: Attune to innate rhythms and demands to claim sustainable productivity

One of the greatest challenges women leaders face in our culture, is maintaining vitality (and avoiding burnout).

Keys Learnings:

  • Understand the crucial nature of making daily energy choices
  • Identify the connection and impact of what is energy-giving/depleting
  • Clarify your non-negotiable practices
  • Orient your efforts and projects around your consistent rhythms


Making Powerful Choices: The Art of Aligned Decision-Making 

Key Learnings:

  • Understand aligned decision-making and its future promise
  • Save time and energy, especially long-term
  • Attune to your specific tools for reliable insights and intuition
  • Integrate instincts with rationale for best outcomes
  • Eliminate decision overwhelm
  • Set the stage for clarity
  • Cultivate deep self-trust in your decisions

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Thriving in the Face of Challenges:
5 Success Strategies You Wish You Knew 2 Years Ago


Key Learnings:

  • Gain a new awareness of what restores you and why it is essential to long-term success
  • Establish post-setback practices for quick rebalancing
  • Clarify what uplifts you to create a “success mindset”
  • Take positive actions that allow achievement and happiness vs. working yourself to the bone
  • Infuse fresh motivation and purpose to your life and work without changing careers

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Harnessing the Power of Your Mindset:
Break through the Mental Barriers to Your Next Level of Success


Key Learnings:

  • Learn tools to consciously shift your perception of experiences
  • Make dynamic decisions from your Future Success Mind vs. your Fear Mind
  • Outsmart obstacles and overwhelm, so you can thrive
  • Catapult your career by using Soulful Focus tools


My speaking approach emphasizes:

√ interactive learning (and humor!)

√ immediately applicable tools & strategies

√ interaction, questions, collaboration

√ targeted support across industries/roles

√ relevant and cutting edge insights to transform life and leadership

Previous Speaking Clients

ACI, Denver CO
Alliance of Professional Women, Denver CO
Association for Experiential Education, Spokane WA
Bluebird Leaders (national program)
Centura Health, Littleton CO
Channel 9 News, Denver CO
Colorado Women’s Forum for Health Administrators, Denver CO
CBeyond Telecommunications, Aurora CO
Coors Brewing Company, Denver CO
Edward Jones- Women’s Enrichment Seminar, Denver CO
Denver University Enrichment Program
Denver University Women's Coalition
DU Daniel School of Business presenting to
ECC Retreat (Environmental Chemical Corporation), Florissant CO
ECC- Lunch & Learn, Golden CO
Elle Group, Denver CO
Fox 31 News, Denver CO
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York NY
KPMG, Denver CO
Local Insight Media, Englewood CO
Miller Coors Brewing Company, Chicago IL
Museum of Nature and Science, Denver CO
OMNI Research and Training, Denver CO
Society of American Military Engineers, Golden CO
University of Colorado Music School, Boulder CO
University College at Denver University
Women of Cherry Creek, Denver CO
YNPN- Young Non-Profit Professionals Network

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