With Fall officially upon us, it is the perfect time for an intentional reset and empowered end-of-year wrap up that feels like a new beginning!

Join me for 1:1 personalized and laser-focused coaching aimed at RESET—personally and professionally.

We'll start with a 50 minute Breakthrough session to clarify your Reset area of focus and objectives. 

The remaining four personalized sessions provide a Reset framework which includes some/all of the following (depending on your focus): 

  • Set up a Foundational Routines Platform to reclaim wasted time and energy 

  • Recognize current vs. desired Mindset so you can bridge the gap to fulfillment

  • Reconnect with what inspires and motivates you so you can take consistent and meaningful actions—and experience progress!

  • Identify and address what blocks your desired outcomes so you can get unstuck

  • Learn simple centering practices- so you can reset anytime, minimize distraction and BE focused.

  • Explore how to leverage your intuition so you can maintain momentum

Create shift quickly via a Breakthrough session and four private coaching sessions. 

(Local or international- sessions are by phone/FT audio/WhatsApp)

$650 for first time clients     

$550 for Returning clients/students

Gift yourself some guided support!

Limited spaces (Boutique practice.) Click below to register. 🪷