Synergy Session

Are you ready to explore working together? 


Join me for a Soulful Leader Synergy Session 

It’s complimentary -simply complete the intake info and we'll go from there!

A Synergy Session is a 60 minute, private phone session that is devoted to:

√  Understanding what you’d like to shift in your work and personal life and what you can do about it.

√  Explore what your inner nudges about your life and career and what they mean.

√  Reveal what blocks you from feeling fulfilled, confident and following your inner guidance .

If during your Synergy Session it feels like this work is a “right fit” for both of us, I’ll recommend a supportive, structured plan for you to set course in a new direction as a Soulful Leader.

During this time I’m also happy to answer any additional questions you might have about Soulful Leadership coaching.



Please complete the intake form (link below). It helps me prepare for our time together and encourages our greatest insight. Please be thorough- it helps both of us have more clarity and feel if we're a strong match.


Then simply choose a Synergy Session time. Once I review your info to determine synergy, I'll confirm our appointment time by phone or email.

These sessions are typically $250, however  are complimentary at this time.  

Why intake info process? 

I only offer a select few of these sessions each week and this approach helps us both prepare for our time together. Also, with 20+ years of coaching experience, it helps me spot synergy and know if I’m your best match, and how I might support you.

Please only submit an intake & schedule request if you are really feeling ready to start your journey towards sourced clarity, quiet power and all that comes with Soulful Leadership for life and biz.

I'd invite you to see it as  a collaborative deep dive on what you’re really craving to move towards NOW (vs. a "free coaching session.")  And don’t worry, you don’t need to know how yet!

In the event that my practice is full, I’ll be in touch with you about other resources you can access until we can get started.

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