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How can I be successful in so many ways and still feel so restless, like I'm yearning for something just out of reach?

Robin Berg

Soulful Leadership Coach since 1999

You're not alone.

Many Creative Women Who Lead feel this way.

Maybe these sound familiar to you? 

√   Feeling stretched to the max and overloaded with so many things “coming at you” despite the fact that you’re achieving immense success at work. 

√  The things that are most important to you never seem to have much room in your schedule. This leaves you feeling tight creatively, like there's not enough space to fully breathe, unfold and get inspired.

√  Wanting your life and work to feel more purposeful but distractions constantly interfere with “decoding” what you really want.

√  Falling into bed at day’s end, wondering where the time went and yearning for a little bit of time for you, for rejuvenation. Maybe tomorrow. 

You’re mostly happy. And yet, you have an inkling this is not “it” for you.

√  If you’re like me and my clients, I bet you have this knowing—this recurring pull inside you that wants to tell you your answer, if only you made the time. 

√  You’ve had nudges here and there. 

Sometimes you ignore the nudges, and collide with the unpleasant consequences of being out of alignment with your true needs and values. 

For example:

√  You push too hard and get really sick

√  You choose the “smart” career and end up miserable

√  You ignore your gut about your new boyfriend’s priorities being all about his career and 6 months later you sorrowfully discover your instincts were spot on.

Other times you listen, really listen:

√  You find a fun and easy solution to a problem you’ve been laboring over. 

√  You discover that taking a walk or simply daydreaming, was exactly what you needed in order to come back refreshed, surprisingly productive. 

√  You decide to stop dating the awesome-on-paper person and you’re incredibly relieved because it just didn’t feel right.

Are you ready to stop feeling restless and

unleash the Soulful Leader hidden inside you?

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