You don't have to sacrifice your Self in the name of fulfillment and success.      

There's another way.

Soul Moxie~

Where Leadership meets Soul

Soul: The spirit or essence of a person.

When you build your life and leadership around your Soul, the essence of who you ARE, you find confidence, ease, peace and purpose.

It's transformative 

And shockingly simple.

We've all experienced moments in our lives when we felt "home"- whether it was in the deep wilds of a lush forest, designing an exciting creative project, teaching an impassioned presentation, having an art form come to life "through you", or simply sitting in silence with someone.

In those moments, we are in alignment with our True Selves, our essence, our Soul. Oddly effortless, it is peaceful, energizing, enlivening, and purposeful.

What if instead of occasional moments, it could simply be how life is MOST of the time? A steady flow of moments where you feel at home, in harmony.

I collaborate with leaders to build their lives, career and choices around Soul and claim the lives they yearn for. (Most of those yearnings are instructive!)

The result: a clearer, meaningful purpose, greater peace, confidence and flow.  A sense of home in all you do. Not to mention the exponentially powerful impact of leading from Soul. It transforms you and all those around you.

(Note: Leader can mean being a leader within your organization, community, circle of friends, or family or an entrepreneur.) 

Aligning with Soul allows you to thoughtfully, intentionally make choices that create harmony in and around you. Every choice matters and you can feel it when it’s a “right (for you) choice."

Aligning with Soul enables you to experience a type of success personally and professionally that is often otherwise elusive. It allows you to lead in a way that is actually energy giving.

It empowers you to stop waiting, debating, postponing or making decisions based on other people’s opinions or agendas.

Instead, you claim life. Your life. 

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